Weekend Wear

Hello September!! This month marks the beginning of my favorite season…FALL!! Growing up in Miami you have 2 seasons, summer and maybe 5 days of winter. So when we moved to Raleigh, I went crazy with buying sweaters, scarves and boots and I’ve FALLen in love with Fall! When the 60-70 degree weather rolls in, I’m in the mood to wear jeans and any comfy, oversized sweater. You’ll catch me wearing this over the holiday weekend!!
1. Aritzia T-shirt // 2. Madewell Sweater // 3. Banana Republic Ankle Jeans
4. Superga Cotu Sneakers // 5. Dana Rebecca Sylvie Rose Necklace

Chicago Doughnuts

I went to Chicago for a work conference two weeks ago, but didn’t let that get in the way of having fun or good food for that matter! I took it upon myself to do a “self-guided Doughnut tour”. And holy goodness does Chicago have some delicious doughnuts.

First stop was Stan’s Donuts. The amount of doughnuts to chose from was overwhelming, so I stuck with the original. It was phenomenal to say the least!! I could’ve had 20 of them! The decor in the store was so perfect. I mean look at these amazing Kitchenaid Mixers displayed.

Stans 3          Stan's 1
Stans 2          Stans 5

Next stop was Glazed and Infused. We went to the one in Wicker Park and what a fun atmosphere! It’s right down the street from the reputable Big Star restaurant. We went to the walk-up window, which didn’t have as many options as Stan’s, but regardless, the old fashion was yet again delicious.
Glazed 3           Glazed 2
                           Glazed 1

Firecakes was up next. In all honesty, I can’t even remember what part of town we were in. But how stinkin cute is this bakery. With the old fashioned utensils as decoration on the walls and subway tiles throughout, this is the kind of place I could see myself grabbing a doughnut and coffee from on my way to work.

Firecakes2          Firecakes 1
Firecakes 3

Last, but definitively not least was the Doughnut Vault. By far, my favorite. It’s literally this hole in the wall place that no more than 5 people can fit in at a time. We also caught a glimpse of their food truck!! But get to either early, because once they run out, they are done for the day. This was actually the second time we’ve been to Doughnut Vault and what a treat! If you are ever in Chicago, it’s a must!!
Vault 4          Vault 2
 Vault 3          Vault 1